Witchcraft and Voodoo are fundamentally very similar. Each is a venue for spirituality. Both reach out to the divine. The motivation behind both Voodoo and Witchcraft is also similar; not evil or malicious, Voodoo and Witchcraft at their core are made to help real people solve the real problems that occur in their daily lives. These are holistic spiritual practices meant to touch every aspect of a person’s life; they promote spiritual development, personal enrichment, and love.

The history of Voodoo and Witchcraft also has parallels. While Voodoo is an African magical tradition, Witchcraft is primarily a European tradition. However, both Voodoo and Witchcraft have been severely repressed. Many Witches suffered torture and death at the hands of religious authorities throughout Europe and the Americas. Similarly, when Voodoo Priests were stolen from Africa as slaves and brought to the Americas, slave masters feared the power of Voodoo magics and attempted to stamp it out at every turn.

Nonetheless, Voodoo and Witchcraft have survived. This is a testament to the power and love that lives within the hearts of devout practitioners of both traditions. Despite many centuries of severe persecution, both have retained their traditional beliefs, spells, and practices. Each has emerged stronger and more powerful in this modern world. And both are still readily available at the fingertips of those who need help from the modern Witch or Voodoo Priest.


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